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​"Healing from the inside, outside & beyond."​

Wellness By PCJ is both a personal healing testimony and a platform to educate and encourage those most affected by health disparities on how to reclaim and preserve their health through simple, affordable and sustainable wellness solutions. Wellness By PCJ helps clients improve their wellbeing from the INSIDE through diet and nutrition, the OUTSIDE through movement, stretch and flexibility, and BEYOND through Reiki energy healing, meditation and breathwork.



  • Free Covid-19 Testing

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Wellness Guides

  • 7 Week Immersive Wellness Experience

  • Movement, Stretch & Flexibility Training (Coming Winter 2022)


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My journey to health and wellness started in 2019 as I struggled to overcome a health scare. I decided pain and suffering would no longer be my story. I knew the prescribed medications were necessary for temporary relief, however, I also knew I would need to make a lifestyle change for sustainable results. I became intentional about healing and living a life of abundance. I  took an interest in holistic, alternative and ancestral healing. I changed my diet to incorporate healing foods, rich in nutrients. I committed myself to a regular fitness routine. I prioritized rest and stillness and began a daily practice of energy clearing, meditation, breath work, crystal healing and sound therapy.  


I noticed significant improvements in my health. I was in better shape physically. I learned how to better manage stress and I reached a level of confidence and happiness like I never experienced before. My commitment to growth and healing changed my life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I launched Wellness By PCJ, as a way to inspire others to begin their own journey to better health and wellness.




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"Starting my health and wellness journey with Porsha has motivated me in ways that I hadn't been before. With a positive approach, I've seen changes in myself that I hadn't seen in such a long time. My energy has improved and I've been more and more active. I definitely would recommend her services."


"For years I've dealt with complications from an autoimmune disease that I developed during my teenage years. I met Porsha and she shared her story of overcoming complications with lupus and helped me to understand the role diet, exercise & self-care plays when it comes to disease reversal. I now feel better than ever and have the confidence and strength I need to heal my body from the inside out. She's more than a coach - Porsha really understands what I'm  experiencing and is always someone who I can count on."


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