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Did you know most wellness issues start in the energy body long before symptoms appear in the physical body? Welcome to the chakra system! When our chakras are balanced our bodies are in complete harmony and our physical, mental and emotional health is good. Join me as I guide you through an intimate, 7 week, whole body, immersive wellness experience designed to balance and heal your body's energy portals through movement, nutrition, meditation, spiritual grounding and more! Throughout the experience participants will learn about each chakra, what happens to the mind and body when the chakra is blocked or out of alignment, and how to clear blockages. If you are currently living with pain, autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal problems, heart disease, reproductive imbalances, respiratory challenges, depression, anxiety, grief, self-esteem issues or anything else that's keeping you from being your best self, then this experience is meant for you! Our intimate weekly chakra experience will include: -A comprehensive and engaging study of each chakra, including signs of imbalances and how to clear them -A Reiki energy cleanse -Affirmations and meditations -Sound healing -Journal prompts -Healing foods, movements and more. The agenda: -Week 1: "I Am" // Root Chakra // Foundation, and grounding. -Week 2: "I Feel" // Sacral Chakra // Creativity, sensuality, and pleasure. -Week 3: "I Can" // Solar Plexus Chakra // Power, purpose, and courage. -Week 4: "I Love" // Heart Chakra // Self-love, healthy relationships, and compassion. -Week 5: "I Speak" // Throat Chakra // Healthy communication, self expression. -Week 6: "I See" // Third Eye Chakra // Intuition, and mindfulness. -Week 7: "I Know" // Crown Chakra // Awakening, spiritual connection and higher purpose. **Because this is an intimate healing experience spaces will be limited to only 10 participants per group. Payment plans are available and all payments are final.**

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To cancel or reschedule, please contact me at least 24 hrs. in advance.